Catalyst handling

Velocys is taking the industry standard approach to catalyst change-out.

Catalyst from its commercial plants will be swapped-out in-situ, in the field. There is no need for the complex, costly, time-consuming and risky process of disconnecting and swapping out reactors.

Veloycs is partnering with Mourik, a world leader in its field. Mourik has over 30 years' experience in catalyst handling, including at Shell's Bintulu and Pearl GTL plants. Catalyst handling protocols have been finalised and declared "fit for commercial application", meeting Mourik's safety standards.

Velocys has invested in a permanent resource located at its US technology centre; a single core commercial reactor that simulates the work space conditions for catalyst change-out in a commercial plant. This facility is used to train personnel on catalyst loading procedures as well as being a tool for further innovating catalyst handling processes.

Commercial catalyst has been loaded successfully in the Velocys Fischer-Tropsch reactors at the company's commercial reference plant in Oklahoma City.




Velocys Fischer-Tropsch reactor's bolted flanges allowing in-situ catalyst change-out

Single core commercial reactor: a permanent facility for training and innovation


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