Fischer-Tropsch (FT)

Velocys has one of the largest dedicated FT teams in the industry.

Conventional FT plants are only economically viable at production capacities of 30,000 barrels per day (bpd) or higher. Velocys' microchannel FT technology is commercially viable at capacities of as low as 1,500 bpd, making it an idea choice for smaller scale GTL and BTL.

Our technology combines the best aspects of conventional fixed bed and slurry bed Fischer-Tropsch reactors. » More

The FT process is highly exothermic, or heat generating. Mass and heat transfer limitations reduce the efficiency of conventional FT reactors. In Velocys' microchannel FT reactors thousands of process channels with dimensions in the millimetre range and filled with catalyst are interleaved with water-filled coolant channels. The small-size channels dissipate heat more quickly than in conventional FT reactors. As a result, more active catalysts can be used.

Velocys' FT technology is specifically designed for smaller scale GTL plants; it is not a scaled down version of conventional large-scale technology. We have reinvented the hardware, increasing the productivity per unit volume of reactor, delivering superior performance and plant economics.


Commercial FT reactor capable of producing 175 barrels per day


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