Velocys® is the company at the forefront of smaller scale gas-to-liquids (GTL).

Smaller scale GTL turns natural gas or biomass into premium products, such as diesel, jet fuel, waxes and base oils, adding value to a range of gas and biomass resources, and making stranded or flared gas economic – untapped markets of up to 25 million barrels per day.

Velocys technology, protected by several hundred patents in over 30 countries, is specifically designed for smaller scales, resulting in standardized modular plants that are economic, easier to ship and faster to install, at lower risk, even in the most remote locations.

Think Smaller. Velocys is changing the way fuels are made.

Latest news

Appointment of CEO

David Pummell joined Velocys as CEO on 6th January 2016. He is a highly experienced CEO with a track record of leading a number of small companies commercialising technologies. David has considerable oil and gas industry experience – during his 22 years at BP he held a number of executive positions across its downstream business.




ENVIA construction complete

Construction is complete at Velocys' commercial reference plant; ENVIA Energy's Oklahoma City GTL plant adjacent to Waste Management's East Oak landfill site. On-site loading of catalyst into Velocys' reactors is complete, pre-commissioning activities are substantially complete and early commissioning steps have begun. »More »Webcast

Greater influence in project

Early in 2016 Velocys gained a greater equity share of the ENVIA project and a greater influence in the commissioning, start-up and operations of the plant.
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A team of experienced Velocys operators and engineers will be on-site during commissioning and start-up. Members of this team have considerable experience in the commissioning of large scale commercial GTL projects. »More


What we do


We enable smaller scale GTL plants, making the most of resources that are available.

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FT microchannel reactors and superactive catalysts for the distributed production of liquid fuels through smaller scale gas‑to-liquids and biomass-to-liquids applications.

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Innovative technology

Microchannel process technology and superactive catalysts that enable large scale economics for smaller scale plants.


Project development

Velocys also develops "shovel ready" GTL projects in North America including Ashtabula GTL, stimulating market adoption.

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