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Sustainable Aviation Fuel is critical to achieving net zero carbon aviation.

SAF is the only energy solution that can tackle all types of flight, including medium and long-haul which account for 73% of all CO2 emissions, and can decarbonise flights with the existing fleet of aircraft.

Altalto and Bayou Fuels demonstrate how our integrated technology solution allows our clients to produce jet fuel with net carbon removal, helping to decarbonise the aviation sector.

There are growing levels of regulatory support around the world for the introduction of SAF. The US Inflation Reduction Act, passed in August 2022, creates strong incentives to accelerate the deployment of SAF technologies and is a model other governments are likely to follow with an emphasis on technologies that offer a route to negative carbon emissions fuels. The global regulatory shift to carbon reduction is also evidenced by the UK Government’s mandate for at least 10% decarbonisation by 2030 and five commercial-scale SAF plants to be in construction by 2025.


Waste to jet fuel with British Airways

Bayou Fuels

Woody waste to fuels in rural America


UK based advanced fuels project

Global annual SAF demand set to increase from 4bn litres in 2025 to 166bn in 2050.