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Sustainable fuel
technology for a
better future

We provide patented technology enabling the production of drop-in, net zero, sustainable aviation fuel that can be made safely and effectively on a commercial scale.

The resulting fuel is chemically identical to the carbon intensive fuels currently in use around the world. It can be dropped straight into existing engines without the need for any alterations and can be made from a variety of waste materials.

Our technology adds significant IP and optimisation to the long-established Fischer-Tropsch process which converts hydrogen and carbon monoxide into synthetic fuel. This fuel can then be used in aviation and more broadly in heavy goods transportation.

Velocys is ideally placed to take advantage of favourable legislative and policy tailwinds around the world that are supportive of a transition to sustainable fuel.

Henrik Wareborn, Chief Executive Officer

We are now firmly in the commercialisation phase as we deliver our technology to clients around the world who are looking to decarbonise their sectors and support the move towards net zero.

Two decades of research and development

Supporting the aviation industry with move to net zero emissions

Proven IP protected technology at a commercial scale

Growing and attractive market with favourable policy tailwinds

International roster of customers and partners

Working with government and industry to make it all happen

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