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18th Oct 2019

Velocys at AIREG Berlin SAF Conference 2019

In October, Velocys attended the AIREG Berlin SAF Conference 2019 to discuss the potential for sustainable jet fuel produced from solid and waste biomass residues. Henrik Wareborn, Chief Executive Officer at Velocys, told delegates “I’m convinced we can kick-start the large-scale production of sustainable fuels for the aviation sector which, to date, has been stubbornly hard to decarbonise.”

Discussing Velocys’ planned Altalto project in the United Kingdom and its Bayou Fuels facility in the United States, Wareborn said: “Lots of these plants need to get into operation if we’re to abide by the Paris Agreement and achieve economy wide net zero emissions by the middle of the century.”

“A key benefit of the Velocys SPK fuel produced is that it meets the ASTM D7566 specification, so it is a “drop-in” fuel at up to 50% blend into Jet A1 that requires no adaptation by the end user.”

“If we’re to limit global temperature rises, as well as continuing to reap the economic and societal benefits of aviation, governments and intergovernmental bodies must support the development of facilities like ours, by creating long term, predictable policy support for these fuels.”

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