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04th Feb 2020

Velocys’ CEO comments on Sustainable Aviation’s new fuels roadmap

Today a new aviation industry roadmap forecasts that sustainable aviation fuels could meet 32% of aviation fuel demand by 2050. This formed part of a wider announcement by the industry coalition Sustainable Aviation who committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 at an event in central London.

Commenting on the report, Velocys CEO Henrik Wareborn, said: 
“This report shows how commercialising sustainable aviation fuel production will be a game-changing industrial, economic and environmental opportunity for the UK.

“Of all modes of transport, aviation is the most challenging to decarbonise because the energy density and performance of battery and fuel cell technologies cannot come close to matching liquid hydrocarbon fuel, particularly over longer distances. Therefore, if we are to reach net zero emissions and continue flying, innovative fuel-based solutions like ours will be essential.

“Sustainable aviation fuel produced at the Immingham facility will be used in existing aircraft engines without any modifications and deliver a net CO2 saving of around 70%. With CCUS technology it will be able to go one step further – producing negative emission fuels.

“To do this we need the UK Government to establish a CCUS investment framework and ensure projects like ours can link into a CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network in the region.”

Download the full Sustainable Aviation Fuels Roadmap report

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