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28th Sep 2020

Jet Zero Council publishes key aims

The Government’s Jet Zero Council, which is designed to fast track zero-emission aviation through a partnership between government and industry, has held its inaugural meeting and published its key aims.

In order to accelerate progress towards green aviation, the council will promote the development of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), such as those enabled through Velocys’ technology.

One of the council’s three focuses is:
“establishing UK production facilities for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and commercialising the industry by driving down production costs”.

Among its objectives is:
“accelerate the design, manufacture, testing, certification, infrastructure and commercial operation of zero emission aircraft and aviation systems in the UK through sustained investment in applied research and development (R&D) and fostering greater collaboration across sectors”.

Commenting on this progress, Aviation Minister Robert Courts said:
“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges faced by modern society, and we know we need to go further and faster if we’re to make businesses sustainable long into the future. That’s why we’re bringing together government, business and investors to reduce emissions in the aviation sector – through innovative technologies, such as sustainable fuels … we will build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for all.”

Further details on the Jet Zero Council’s membership and aims can be found here.

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