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01st Nov 2021

Appointment of new Vice President, Catalysis

Velocys is pleased to announce the appointment of Dawid Duvenhage in the role of Vice President, Catalysis based in the Columbus office.

Dawid has over 30 years of industrial and academic experience in heterogeneous catalysis, syngas production and syngas clean-up. He also has a strong background in process data analytics, process performance audits, test run planning and execution, and technology management.

Prior to joining us, Dawid worked at Rentech where he developed syngas conversion catalysts. His research background includes experience at Sundrop Fuels, deriving clean syngas from the high temperature reforming of biomass. He has held research and management positions within the Sasol Group of companies where he developed, scaled up, implemented and supported low and high temperature Fischer-Tropsch catalyst technologies.

Dawid holds an MSc and a PhD in chemistry, specialising in Fischer-Tropsch catalyst deactivation and supported iron and cobalt catalyst development.

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