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20th Dec 2022

SAF noted as best solution for long haul air travel

Velocys was featured in The Daily Telegraph in an article about the future of sustainable aviation fuel: “How the biggest ever jet engine built by Rolls-Royce is paving the way for an era of low-cost green flying”.

The article explored Rolls Royce’s new UltraFan engine and its potential to narrow the cost of sustainable aviation fuel. The article shows that SAF, which requires minimal modification to existing jet engines and significantly reduces lifecycle carbon emissions, is the best answer to long haul air travel.

Velocys CEO Henrik Wareborn is quoted at length, explaining that whilst that SAF is more expensive than fossil jet fuel today, higher tax on fossil fuels and low tax on green fuels will change this: “You need to ask yourself what price should those burning fossil fuels that release a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere pay?”

SAF is becoming increasingly attractive to the airline industry as favourable policy-making in the US (Inflation Reduction Act of 2022) and EU (new EU deal on carbon border tax) incentivises SAF over polluting fossil fuels.

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