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What is SAF?

Velocys FT process

  • Can be made with a range of non-fossil feedstocks and a range of conversion processes.​
  • Up to 80% greenhouse gas reductions vs fossil for conventional SAF (vegetable oil based).​
  • Velocys capability of advanced SAF via Gasification and FT can be designed to yield negative carbon intensity with CO2 sequestration.​
  • Drop-in fuel with no modifications of airport fuelling or turbines required.​
  • Global annual demand to increase from 4bn litres 2025. To 166bn litres in 2050 as mandated by the UK, US and EU
  • Significant air quality advantages.
The Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process
  • The Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process is a catalytic chemical reaction that turns synthesis gas into fuels
  • Integrated end-to-end process that converts sustainable wastes to synthesis gas and then to liquid transport fuels
  • Developed in our laboratory, tested in pilots on various feedstocks and demonstrated at commercial scale
  • These products are high-quality versions of existing fuels
  • No changes to engines or infrastructure required
  • Most competitive FTS solution available for commercial deployment at a scale suitable for solid feedstocks or e-fuels


22 February 2023

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22 February 2023

The Bayou Fuels biorefinery facility

22 February 2023

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